Renewable Natural Gas Facilities on The Rise in North America

24 August 2023
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RNG (Renewable Natural Gas), SNG (Sustainable Natural Gas), or Biomethane all of these are Synonyms given to clean and sustainable fuel obtained from organic matter found at wastewater treatment plants, landfills, dairy farms, and waste streams.

Renewable natural gas contributes significantly in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gas. Scientists globally believe that GHG, like methane, impacts the environment 13 times more than carbon dioxide. RNG facilities all over North America capture gas emissions like methane produced by organic waste and refine it into a valuable source of energy. The continent is moving towards environmental sustainability while working to reduce the impact of greenhouse gasses and advancing circular economies.

The RNG Coalition has declared North America now has 300 operational RNG facilities from 30 in 2011. This numerical growth displays the Continent’s commitment to alleviating climate change, fostering energy security, and ensuring that the planet stays greener and cleaner for the present and future generations.

Johannes Escudero, the CEO and founder of RNG Coalition, believes that “The monumental increase in RNG facilities developed over the last decade-plus is the reason to celebrate; unequivocally, RNG facilities are imperative to mitigating methane and carbon in our advancement towards a more sustainable society and circular economy.”

The development of 300 operational RNG facilities results from years of planning and hard work. However, there is still a lot of unexplored potential concerning RNG in North America and across the globe. Currently, there are 178 RNG facilities under construction across Canada and the United States. Moreover, the government plans to establish 303 facilities to reach 750+ facilities across North America in the upcoming years.

The RNG coalition, intending to reduce methane emissions, plans to control and capture methane from around 43,000 organic waste sites spread over North America by 2050. Considering the energy supply disruptions from the Ukraine – Russia war, the European Union decided to multiply the output of renewable natural gas twelvefold by the year 2030. It can result in RNG production of about 35 billion cubic meters per day.

Increasing production of renewable natural gas is now a global trend, and we must acknowledge the contribution of the RNG coalition in fueling the trend. Their accomplishment and plan to control the greenhouse gas effect on the environment inspires people, agencies, and governments across the globe to work towards a resilient and sustainable future.

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