Biogas will Play a Key Role in Sustainable Farming

31 January 2023
Compressed Biogas

Amidst rapidly depleting water resources, soil degradation, and other environmental issues, sustainable farming has become the talk of the town. It has become more important than ever before and biogas and compressed biogas plants will have a significant role to play. In fact, biogas will turn out to be path-breaking.

Benefits of Biogas in Sustainable Farming

The agricultural sector can harness the immense potential of biogas. Sustainable farming is indispensable to the agriculture sector and biogas plants are a major boon to sustainable farming. Below are listed a few benefits of using compressed biogas plants on sustainable farms.

Effective Waste Management

Companies offering biogas upgrading plants say that effective waste management and reduction in energy bills are the top advantages of using compressed biogas plants on sustainable farms. It will also enhance soil fertility and crop rotation. The best part of using compressed biogas plants is that you can use cash crops as substrates in these plants.

Conversion of Organic Waste into Bio-Slurry

Crop cultivation and farm animals produce a massive amount of waste which can be further utilized as a substrate in biogas digesters. Also, the organic waste produced in the farm and animal manure can be converted into odorless bio-slurry. It doesn’t attract flies or pests.

Electricity Generation for Cooking and Heating

Sustainable energy generation is the need of the hour and compressed biogas plants on the farms will make farmers self-sufficient in energy generation. This energy can be used for multiple purposes such as cooking and heating. This electricity can also be leveraged for other activities on the farm. That’s not it! Excess energy generated can be sold to make money as well.

Production of Organic Fertilizers

Digestate generated from compressed biogas plants can be processed to produce organic fertilizer and pesticide. Humic acid is present in biogas digestate which not only conditions the soil but also betters its quality.

Generation of Employment Opportunities

Agriculture biogas plants are surely the future as they help protect the environment. Besides, they help generate employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled sectors. The marginalized sections of society will hugely benefit from these employment opportunities.

Technological and Economic Challenges for Biogas Production

Biogas production also has a few technological and economic challenges to overcome. Compressed biogas plants require a technologically-intensive and sophisticated infrastructure. There are times when technical failures bring things to a standstill. The fibrous and solid feedstock used in the digesters also results in recurring technical failures.


It can be concluded that compressed biogas plant will determine the future of sustainable energy for India and a more robust use of technology and flawless planning will not only help us achieve our sustainable energy goals but also produce employment opportunities for the marginalized sections of society.

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