Biogas Bottling and Selling

Considering its large number of installations, AtmosPower is well equipped to assist any aspiring company or entrepreneur with all the requirements for successfully setting up a Compressed Biogas Plant in India. Furthermore, AtmosPower can also help its clients obtain offtake agreements for selling the compressed Biogas to India’s Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) namely Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) & Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL).

In order for the upgraded biogas also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Compressed biogas (CBG) to be sold to the Oil Marketing Companies, it needs to abide by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Based on the White Paper shared by the Indian Oil Marketing Companies, the Compressed Biomethane should have the following specifications.

IS 16087 : 2016 Standard
S No. Characteristic Requirement
1 Methane percentage (CH4), minimum 90.0%
2 Only Carbon Dioxide percentage (CO2), maximum 4%
3 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Nitrogen (N2) + Oxygen (O2) percentage maximum 10%
4 Oxygen (O2) percentage maximum 0.5%
5 Total sulpher (including H2S) mg/m3, maximum 20 mg/m3
6 Moisture mg/m3, maximum 5 mg/m3

According to the IS 16087:2016 specifications, the following points also need to be considered:

These strict requirements by the oil marketing companies will help make sure that the end user of the compressed biogas (CBG) does not face any hindrances when switching over from a conventional fossil fuel, most likely natural gas. Considering that AtmosPower’s Biogas Upgradation systems are designed for European Grid Injection Standards they can easily fulfil the gas quality requirements of the Indian Market, which are significantly less stringent than European Regulations.

The current agreed upon purchase price set by the OMCs for each Kilogram of Compressed Biogas (CBG) is INR 48.3 including goods and service Tax (GST). This fixed price is offered to encourage and ensure confidence in Biogas entrepreneurs by offering them a confirmed market for their produced Compressed Biogas (CBG). The price also acts as a catalyst for the promotion and adoption of this clean fuel in the Indian Market and is something other Asian countries should adopt.

AtmosPower can help its clients obtain all the necessary compliances and equipment that would be required to successfully convert their biogas into marketable green fuel. An essential part of the compressed biogas (CBG) supply chain is the booster compressor that would allow for the compression and bottling of the upgraded biogas. The compressed gas would then be transported to the nearby OMC’s filling station. Based on our experience, the compressor sizing and selection plays a crucial role in avoiding any bottlenecks in the compression process. In addition, the correct flow and compression technology can help avoid a lot of hassles in terms of capital, maintenance and operation costs.

Bottling and Selling Plant
Bottling and Selling
Biogas Bottling Plant in India

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