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AtmosPower is India’s leading renewable gas plant manufacturing company. AtmosPower is known for providing Turnkey solutions including the design engineering of the plant, manufacturing, testing & commissioning. The full range of products offered by AtmosPower include:

Compressed Biogas Plants also known as CBG Plants, Biogas to BioCNG Plants,

Biogas Production

Plants, Biogas Upgradation Plants also known as Biogas Purification Plants, Biogas Bottling Plants, Land Fill Gas cleaning plants, Cryogenic based Liquid Oxygen Plants, Cryogenic based Liquid Nitrogen Plants, VPSA Nitrogen Plants, VPSA Oxygen Plants, PSA Nitrogen Plants, PSA Oxygen Plants, Hydrogen Plants, Hydrogen gas generation plants, Hydrogen through steam reforming plants & Hydrogen through water electrolysis Plants.

This website is designed specifically for AtmosPower’s Biogas Division catering to the

Bio-CNG India

Movement. More details regarding AtmosPower’s Biogas Division can be found below.

AtmosPower’s Biogas Division

The government of India recently announced its plans to increase the number of Compressed Biogas Plants in India to support the BioCNG India movement. Out of the many

Biogas companies in India

, AtmosPower distinguishes itself as a one-stop provider offering complete solutions to its clients when it comes to BioGas Purification and Bottling Plants in India.

All our

Biogas to CNG Plants

in India are custom designed based on the requirements of our clients starting from the analysis of the organic substrate, up to the Off-take agreements for the sale of the produced BioCNG.

A CBG plant consists of various components, such as a Bio Reactor also known as a digester, waste crushing and mixing equipment, a biogas purification/upgradation system, compression system and bottling equipment. Many Compressed Biogas Plants also include a gas dispensing station for filling the produced BioCNG into vehicles.

Biogas Production is a rather simple process that has been taking place around the world since many decades. However, the inability to use the produced Biogas has led to the BioCNG India movement, which promotes the setting up of

Biogas to Bio CNG plants

throughout India.

The main component of a

Biogas to CNG Plant

is the biogas upgradation system, which cleans, dries and refines the raw biogas into a methane rich gas, which has similar properties to natural gas. AtmosPower’s BioGas Upgradation Systems are based on the vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) technology, which operates at an extremely low pressure of 0.7Bar. Due to the low pressure, the technology can be referred to as minor pressure swing adsorption (MPSA) or Low Pressure Swing Adsorption (LPSA). AtmosPower is the pioneer in providing LPSA/MPSA technology based biogas purification plants in the World. The technology used here is as follows:

  • LPSA Technology Based BioGas Purification Plant
  • MPSA Technology Biogas Purification Plant
  • VPSA Technology Based BioGas Purification Plant

AtmosPower is a leading company in the business of providing products and services for biogas plants in India. Atmos Power’s biogas purification division is here to cater to all your needs for setting up of a Bio Gas Purification Plant. The level of efficiency afforded by our processes help us serve our clients with the most cost effective system compared to other biogas companies in India. Our whole range of services includes everything required for running your BioGas Bottling Plant in India effectively.

  • Our products can be manufactured according to the specific requirements of your country.
  • At AtmosPower we adhere to ISO certified methods and procedures for all our design and manufacturing processes
  • We supply all requisite auxiliaries (piping and fittings) for the complete commissioning of your plant
  • We provide training to your personnel not only at the erection & commissioning stages but also for the everyday operation of the plant
  • We offer all services including installation, inspection, testing, erection & commissioning of our biogas plants.
  • Our pricing structures are highly competitive to ensure your satisfaction with both cost and quality
  • We ensure excellent customer support services for the smooth running of your plant.
  • We have installed more than 60 compressed Biogas Plants in Asia with complete biogas bottling facilities.
  • Our upgradation plants can also be operated using Captive power generated at the site to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your system.

The need for biogas purification and Biogas Bottling In India is set to become crucial with the increasing crisis for fuel. With more than 60 Biogas to CNG plants installed throughout Asia, AtmosPower is at the forefront in terms of experience and expertise.

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