Our Other Products

Our Other Products

Nitrogen Plant
Nitrogen Plant
Air Dryer
Air Dryer
IH Dryer
VPSA Oxygen Plant
VPSA Oxygen Plant
HOC Dryer
HOC Dryer
Oxygen Plant
Oxygen Plant

Other Products Offered By Our Company:

  • PSA Nitrogen Plants
  • Hydrogenation Plant by Natural Gas Steam Reforming.
  • Hydrogen Generation Plant by Water Electrolysis.
  • PSA/VPSA Oxygen Gas Generation Plant.
  • Air Dryer, Gas Dryer.

Description For Our Other Products

Air Dryers

Air and gas dryers are designed to extract moisture from air and utility gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gases, etc.). These industrial dryers remove condensation and moisture from air or gas, and thus protect the life of pneumatic instruments. For certain applications, dry air is also supplied as feed gas.


The air and gas dryers find their application in pneumatics, instrumentation, pulp and paper, chemical industries, in offshoreoilrigs, and other hazardous locations. High-pressure air and gas dryers are generally used in marine and defense applications. They are also used for high pressure generator starting, high pressure testing, air circuit breakers, etc.

VPSA Based O2 Plants Used In:

  • The primary application of this gas can be seen in steel manufacturing plants

  • In chemical processing

  • Water treatment
  • Ceramic Industries for Power Saving

  • Oxygen is also called the medical gas, but the one used for medical purposes is the purest form of oxygen, this form of oxygen is treated and purified to make it suitable for medical use.


NITROGEN (N2) Gas Generation plant eliminates all disadvantages associated with purchasing and operating costs of high- pressure N2 cylinder systems or cryogenic nitrogen gas storage tanks. It enables a permanent source of onsite nitrogen, with minimum energy consumption and maintenance requirements. The PSA Nitrogen gas plantcan be easily installed in any indoor facility and requires only a compressed air line and a power connection.

Advantages Of Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generator:
  • Return on investment is less than 2 years.
  • Independence from external gas suppliers and from fluctuation of the nitrogen gas market price.
  • Suppression of logistic operations with cylinders or liquid Nitrogen and supplier management.
  • Modular, flexible and low maintenance units as compared to Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen plants.

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