Biogas Desulfurization

The term upgradation basically encompasses of a process which can be broken down into three main functions, namely Biogas cleaning, Biogas drying and Biogas Upgrading. In Biogas Cleaning the primary impurity is usually Hydrogen Sulfide, which is why whenever the word biogas cleaning is mentioned it usually involves a

Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubber

(H2S Scrubber) which ensures to remove the bulk of the Hydrogen Sulfide along with any other bulky pollutants from the gas.

The Biogas Cleaning function involves the removal of trace impurities such as siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide, which forms due to the breakdown of protein during the aerobic digestion process. The amount of H2S can vary based on the waste substrate used for generation of the biogas. Considering the various types of waste available in different parts of the world, the H2S levels can vary significantly in each digester. Thus, it becomes essential for the

Biogas cleaning system

to be able to handle various levels of H2S ranging from 10 ppm going up to a high percentage value. AtmosPower’s Biogas upgradation & Landfill Gas upgradation systems are equipped with a

Biogas Scrubber

that can handle H2S up to 2000ppm without the need of an additional Biochemical desulfurizer using its specialized adsorbents and activated carbon based filters. As the name suggests a Biogas Scrubber helps scrub impurities off the Biogas. A biogas Scrubber comprises a single stage unit; however, AtmosPower's Biogas Scrubber is offered in a two staged design for efficient cleaning of the gas and removal of any impurities that could irreversibly damage the critical equipment downstream of the Biogas Scrubber. In cases where the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) content goes above the regular threshold, a Biological Chemical based Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Scrubber can be provided as part of the upgradation package. As AtmosPower believes in offering its clients a one-stop solution it is our responsibility to make sure that the client can sit back and relax while AtmosPower offers a complete turnkey solution that can upgrade raw biogas with whatever composition and refine it up to the product gas standards of any country or process requirement.

Biogas Desulfurization

AtmosPower offers its advanced gas desulfurizing unit using various grades of activated carbon which irreversibly absorb the H2S and prevent it from flowing downstream with the gas. The exhausted activated carbon can be easily disposed based on the specific requirements of the country. On the other hand, in some cases considering the grade of the activated carbon employed, the exhausted media can directly be used as fertiliser. The efficient removal of H2S using activated carbon requires specific design calculations considering the flow rate, temperature, moisture level and amount of H2S present in the raw gas. These factors make the design of the activated carbon tower an essential element in the efficient and viable removal of the H2S.

In cases where the gas contains a much higher H2S content and bulk removal is required AtmosPower offers an advanced

Biological Chemical Scrubber

for the safe and efficient removal of the bulk H2S. The Biological Chemical scrubber helps reduce the H2S to a level that can be easily handled by the activated carbon based filters offered as part of the gas upgradation package. The Biochemical scrubber generates an effluent that is high in sulphur. For large scale projects, AtmosPower can offer a Sulfur Recovery system that can help recover the Sulfur for consumption or sale.

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