Atmospower Installs India’s First and Largest Landfill Gas Upgradation Plant

15 December 2021
Compressed Biogas

AtmosPower executes its flagship project for REEL (Ramko Enviro Engineers Limited) by offering India’s first and largest landfill gas upgrading plant at REEL’s site in Hyderabad. This state-of-the-art landfill gas upgradation plant & purification system is quite advanced and sets a benchmark in the Indian Market. It is a turnkey plant designed to convert landfill waste gas into Compressed Biogas which is a carbon neutral fuel and would help reduce the site’s environmental impact.

The completion of this project is an accomplishment for Atmos Power- the leading manufacturer of biogas purification plants. The project was more challenging compared to the rest of the projects executed by AtmosPower as the gas composition was quite complex compared to the typical gas profile found at AtmosPower’s 90 other gas upgradation sites.

Atmos Power received much applause from the industry and media for this landmark accomplishment and successful execution of the project. There are a large number of landfills around the globe, and other countries can also draw inspiration from India’s largest landfill gas collection and upgrading plant.

Many more such projects need to be executed because doing so will not only generate a cleaner and greener fuel alternative but also open up a large stream of revenue for these projects.

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