All You Need to Know About Compressed Biogas Plants

17 July 2021
Compressed Biogas

A CBG plant is where compressed biogas is produced using fermenting biomass. This methane-containing gas is produced using substrates such as energy crops or waste materials. The fermentation residue left over from the substrates doesn’t get wasted either as it can be used as fertilizer.

Biogas production takes place under anaerobic conditions in an oxygen-free environment. The substrate is pumped into the fermenters and stored under anaerobic conditions. To keep the formation of surface scum and sinking layers at bay, agitators are used for periodically shifting the substrate. Consequently, the biogas rises more easily.

There are several uses of a compressed biogas plant. Compressed biogas has calorific value and other properties which are pretty similar to CNG. This can be utilized as a green renewable automotive fuel and has all the makings to become a replacement of CNG in automotive, industrial and commercial areas. Below are listed some of the advantages of compressed biogas plants.

Advantages of Compressed Biogas Plant

1. Biogas is environment-friendly

Biogas is a renewable and clean source of energy and it reduces greenhouse emissions. There is zero emission of greenhouse gases in the environment and this helps combat global warming. Concern for the environment is the biggest reason why the application of biogas became so popular.

2. Decreased soil and water pollution

The growing use of biogas has helped reduce soil and water pollution. Overflowing landfills spread foul smells and also allow toxic liquids to drain into water sources. CBG plants and biogas production help improve water quality quite significantly and waterborne diseases can also be kept in check.

3. Low-cost technology

Compressed biogas production is a low-cost technology and it encourages a circular economy too. It is pretty economical to set up a compressed biogas plant and small biodigesters can be used at home utilizing animal manure and kitchen waste. Biogas can be compressed in large plants to achieve the quality of natural gas. Building such plants doesn’t require a huge capital investment.

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