Top reasons for choosing biogas

22 September 2021
Compressed Biogas

Biogas production is increasing at a rapid pace and more and more people have started to use biogas. The use of biogas must continue to increase in the future as well if we want to achieve the sustainability goals set by the United Nations. This renewable source of energy presents a lot of potentials and there are plenty of reasons you must use biogas.

It is one of the best alternatives to renewable energy and offers plenty of benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using biogas.

1.It is environment-friendly

As mentioned earlier, biogas is a clean and renewable source of energy and it helps reduce the greenhouse effect. There is almost zero gas emission and that’s why it essentially helps fight global warming. The whole biogas generation process is natural and hence it saves energy. All raw materials used in the biogas generation process are renewable. Some of the raw materials used for biogas generation are food scraps, crop residues, and manure to name a few. It is a highly sustainable option that’s the need of the hour as well.

2.Production of organic fertilizer

Companies offering biogas purification plants say that enriched organic digestate is a byproduct of the biogas production process. This organic fertilizer is a perfect alternative to chemical fertilizers that have a toxic effect on plants leading to numerous problems including but not limited to food poisoning. Organic fertilizer produced in the biogas production process promotes plant growth by a significant margin.

3. Low-cost technology

According to Biocng companies, biogas encourages a circular economy. The production process isn’t very expensive as only a small investment is needed to set up the plant. The gas can be used for the production of electricity and cooking. The biological waste of one cow is enough to light up an electric bulb for the entire day. Biogas can also be compressed to achieve the quality standards of natural gas which is used to run automobiles. This low-cost technology also creates green jobs.

4.Reduction of soil and water pollution

In the production of biogas organic waste is used that would otherwise be lost. Besides, landfills cause way more damage to our environment than just creating foul smells. Toxic liquids drain down to pollute water resources underneath the ground. Biogas generation helps improve water quality. It also contributes to the reduction of waterborne diseases as it deactivates pathogens and parasites. Better sanitation and hygiene are some of the benefits of biogas generation

Biogas is a smart and cheap source of energy that could save millions of lives every year. It also eliminates the need for firewood collection in rural areas besides curbing serious illnesses caused due to smoke.

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