Soil Degradation Problem: Why Biogas Industry is the Answer?

13 July 2022
Compressed Biogas

Soil quality has a huge impact on a myriad of life-related factors. Healthy soils provide clean water & healthy nutrients to plants, which have a significant impact on human life as well; however, reckless and ignorant human behavior has led to soil degradation. There are numerous reasons behind soil degradation including uncontrolled population increase, drastic climate change, shortage of edible food, and air & water pollution to name a few.

Companies offering compressed biogas plants say that the biogas industry is being viewed as a perfect answer to all soil degradation issues and before we get down to it, let’s understand what soil degradation is in the first place.

Soil Degradation Explained

Soil degradation can be explained as the loss of physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. This includes degradation due to a plethora of reasons such as harmful urban processes and other agricultural & industrial practices. As stated earlier in the post, population increase is one of the key reasons behind soil degradation. The global population has increased by a tremendous 25 percent in the past 20 years and speaking of India, the numbers are even more daunting. Indian population has increased by a whopping 1 billion in the past 75 years.

On the other hand, agricultural land rose by just a small 4 percent, and owing to the increasing demand for food, excessive use of synthetic fertilizers was observed which contributed to soil degradation quite massively.

Besides, deforestation, overgrazing, unavailability of water, and agriculture-industrialization are also some of the reasons behind soil degradation.

Statistics suggest that more than 50 percent of global agricultural land has already been degraded and considering the pace of soil degradation, the remaining quality soil will be lost within the next 60 years. 4 out of 17 sustainable development goals are aimed at addressing the soil fertility issue. These 4 sustainable goals are SDG 2, SDG 3, SDG 12, and SDG 15. Below are the details of all 4 SDGs.

  • SDG 2 aims at zero hunger
  • SDG 3 aims at good health and well-being
  • SDG 12 promotes responsible food production and consumption
  • And SDG 15 aims at protecting life on earth

Companies providing Biogas purification system say that the biogas industry has a key role to play in the preservation of soil fertility. On one hand, it serves the purpose of providing green energy to both the agriculture and industrial sectors, and on the other, it reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. Since the digestate produced from compressed biogas plants helps return organic components to the soil, it prevents desertification.

Also, it has been observed that waste collection & management tends to be better in areas where biogas plants are present. Proper waste management and recycling methods have a drastic positive impact on the environment, sanitation, hygiene, and emission control. Governments across the globe are promoting the use of biocng for this reason.

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