Major Challenges of Biogas in the Agriculture Sector

20 October 2021
Compressed Biogas

India has promoted biogas quite aggressively in the past few years and the immense potential of biogas is believed to have a positive impact on the agriculture sector. Biogas is a sustainable and far more economical energy source for the farmers in India; however, it has its own set of challenges in the sector.

India’s rural areas are very much capable of producing biogas on a mass scale, specifically for the reason that there is no scarcity of the raw materials in these areas, but it is not as straightforward as it looks like as these regions have crop residues and animal manure quite sufficiently, but apparently these resources are underused. One of the prime reasons behind this has been the easy availability of firewood and affordable chemical fertilizers. Making the farmer community understand the benefits of using environment-friendly ways is the key here. Decreasing land quality, deforestation, imprudent use of water, and ample use of chemical fertilizers have impacted the agriculture sector quite significantly.    Not only did it impact their revenue, but also led to poor family health and environmental degradation.

Promotion of Biogas in Rural Areas is Need of the Hour

Companies manufacturing compressed biogas plant says that rural areas have a perfect ecosystem for biogas production. They have almost unlimited free access to cattle dung which is the key feed for biogas digesters; however, due to a poor perception of the anaerobic digestion process in rural areas, there is still a lot left to be done to promote biogas in these areas.

People living in the Indian rural areas mostly use cattle dung as plant fertilizer. They need to be educated about the benefits of the digested biogas slurry produced in the biogas digestion process which has more nitrogen content than cattle dung. It is not only odorless but also makes for a better alternative to chemical fertilizers leaving a negative impact on soil’s health in the long run.

Biogas technology is an all-around and far better option for the sustainable development of the agriculture sector in India.

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