How Indian Biogas Industry Help in Reducing Waste at Landfill Sites?

19 January 2022
Compressed Biogas

Indian Biogas Association (IBA) believes that the Indian biogas industry can play a crucial role in the reduction of waste at landfill sites by 50 percent in the next 3 years.

Interestingly, the per capita waste generation in India is about 0.4 kgs. 50 percent of this waste is organic and usable in biogas generation. India generates about 2.5 lakh MT of waste every day. 85 percent of this total waste reaches landfill sites and results in the production of hazardous gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. Companies offering hydrogen sulfide scrubbers (H2S Scrubbers) and biogas cleaning systems say that these gases are detrimental to the environment and human health. Several studies are indicating that people living in proximity to such landfill sites are prone to numerous dangerous diseases such as malaria, asthma, stomach issues, diarrhea, cholera, cough, and skin-related problems.

Indian biogas industry has a crucial role to play in the reduction of waste as currently, it is just using a very small portion of organically degradable waste to produce biogas or biogas CNG; however, the timely commissioning of biogas plants in India will help improve the numbers. In India, there are roughly 200 compressed biogas plants with a cumulative production capacity of about 200,000 MT every day.

Indian Biogas Association (IBA) believes that the Indian biogas industry is poised to be a game-changer in the process. The type of waste disposed of in the landfill sites can be leveraged to produce clean and green energy whilst reducing the environmental impact. This will also enable India to meet its greenhouse gas reduction commitments on the global level.

Companies offering biogas cleaning systems say that the industry also seeks necessary encouragement and support from the government in the form of subsidies.  As of now, there are more than 2k biogas plants on the block and the timely completion and commissioning of these plants is of utmost importance.

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