France Announces Two Measures to Accelerate Biogas Production

1 November 2022
Compressed Biogas

The Government of France announced two extra measures in September 2022 aimed at accelerating energy transition and biogas production. The government looks resolute for a while as it keeps green energy at the core of its crucial plans. In France, 442 plants were injecting renewable methane (produced from fermented organic substances such as liquid manure, food waste, and dedicated crops among others) into natural gas networks. The annual production capacity was approximately 7.6 TWH; however, the government of France intends to see a spike in the share of renewables to a minimum of 10% of the total gas consumption by the year 2030.

The French government also rolled out a regulatory measure in September 2022 introducing a hike in the purchase price of bio-methane to take account of inflation. The measure was rolled out to counter the sharp upsurges in construction costs of new biogas facilities to maintain the economic balance at all times. Besides, an indexation on inflation was also observed while the contract was being signed. Biogas upgradation plants across France have welcomed the move as it ticks all the key boxes.

Extension of the Deadline for Project Commissioning

The French Government also took a key step by granting an extension of the deadline for the commissioning of those projects that are lagging in the construction schedule; however, their procedures are done with. Earlier such projects were halted which can now be re-launched as this decree comes into force. This is another welcome move that has been appreciated by companies offering carbon dioxide scrubbers.

The commissioning deadline has been extended by up to 18 months now.

Accelerated and Supervised Deployment of Renewable Gases is Crucial

Agnes Pannier- Runacher, the transition minister also reiterated how important accelerated and supervised deployment of renewable gases is for the French government. She said that achieving the climate and sovereignty goals would become possible only upon successful acceleration and deployment of renewable gases.

Furthermore, she highlighted that the development of renewable energy on a mass scale is critical to their objectives and key strategies centered on achieving self-sufficiency and energy efficiency.

A few days before Runacher’s statement came out, Emmanuel Macron emphasized the same elements during his speech in Saint Nazaire as he visited the first offshore wind farm in France.

The government also demonstrated its keen interest in presenting a bill to the Council of Ministers to speed up solar and wind power. This bill also eases up the deployment of future offshore wind farms in the country. Encouraging the development of agrivoltaics was also a key part of the bill.

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