All You Need to Know About Biodigesters

3 May 2023
Compressed Biogas

Individuals and businesses are now moving towards sustainable living. Biogas is one of the fundamental ways to go sustainable. There are many ways to produce renewable energy sources; however, producing biogas is one of the simplest. Here’s when biodigesters come to the rescue. It’s simply a device enabling microorganisms to break down organic waste like food scraps, plant matter, animal manure, etc.

In this blog, we’ll explore everything about biodigesters. Let’s begin by understanding what they are.

What is a Biodigester?

A biodigester is simply a container where microbes disintegrate organic material into fertilizer following an organic process. The biodigester creates an oxygen-free environment where bacteria can consume the waste, known as anaerobic digestion.

Once the bacteria digests the organic materials, methane gas is released, which is then captured and used as a renewable energy resource. The leftovers, or digestate, are a nutritious mixture that make an excellent organic fertilizer.

The application of biodigesters isn’t limited to a specific use case or location. They are used in various settings, including wastewater treatment plants, farms, and households. They provide an environmentally friendly way to handle organic waste while offering a renewable energy source.

Now that we know what a biodigester is, let’s look at its types.

Types of Biodigesters

There are several types of biodigesters in India. If you are interested in biogas upgrading, choose one of the following types. Let’s take a look at a few of these types:

Fixed Dome Biodigesters

These are the most popular types of biodigesters in India. Fixed dome biodigesters are built out of concrete and are designed to be used with animal waste and several other organic materials.

Plug Flow Biodigesters

The plug-flow biodigesters are narrow tanks long designed for high-solid organic wastes such as agricultural residues and municipal solid waste.

Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors

CSTRs are well-stirred, large tanks used to digest organic materials constantly. These could be used in businesses where biogas production is essential or in agricultural industries where organic waste needs to be dealt with naturally.

Vertical Biodigesters

Vertical biodigesters are, in a way, the same as horizontal biodigesters; however, vertical ones are above-ground structures and can be easily installed in semi-urban or urban areas.

Horizontal Biodigesters

Horizontal biodigesters are low-maintenance and low-cost, especially popular in rural areas. These biodigesters are made of brick or concrete and buried in the ground.

While these are the most common types of biodigesters used in India, the choice depends on factors like raw materials, amount of waste needed to be treated, location to place the biodigester, etc.

Now that you know about the types of biodigesters, it’s time to look at the functional aspect.

Working of Biodigesters

Biodigesters create an oxygen-free atmosphere wherein anaerobic bacteria can easily break down the organic waste material. This process, known as anaerobic digestion, generates biogas and fertilizers as byproducts. Biogas is composed primarily of methane and can be used as a fuel source for cooking or electricity generation.

Let’s now take a look at a few benefits of biodigester.

Benefits of Biodigesters

  • The entire system helps reduce any adverse impact on the environment.
  • A home biodigester could save costs since the system offers an energy source.
  • One can use the biogas from the digester for several applications, such as heating, cooking, etc.
  • The leftovers of digested materials act as nutrient-rich fertilizers for your garden and lawn, enhancing the soil’s overall health.

Wrapping Up

A biogas bottling plant, used to convert biogas produced from organic waste materials into a usable energy source, is essential for a business owner willing to thrive in the long run. While the blog covers biodigesters, the primary reason for going for a biogas bottling plant is its scalability.

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