5 Essential Tips to Consider for Digester Success

15 June 2022
Compressed Biogas

Anaerobic digestion is a ground-breaking technology that is leveraged for a myriad of reasons from treating waste to reducing odors, improving public image, and setting up a reliable source of revenue. ADs are fairly simple and come in all sorts of sizes and constructional patterns. To ensure the success of your AD or biogas system, you need to consider quite a few factors. Let’s take a look at these 5 highly effective tips that would help you accomplish a successful farm-based digester system.

Have a crystal-clear plan and goal

Like in any other important project, it takes proper planning with clearly defined goals and objectives for a successful digester project. To clearly establish your goals, you must focus on collecting site-specific information which could include every vital detail ranging from animal information to volume of manure, manure recovery, type of digestion systems, operational costs, financial limitations, and disposal practices of past and present to name a few.

All of these are project critical parameters and hence not meant to be missed.

Work on the development of a sustainable model

Companies offering hydrogen sulfide scrubbers say that having a sustainable business model in place is absolutely necessary. Apart from being cost-effective, the project must also help you meet your financial goals with ease.

Revenue/income, liabilities, project liquidity, project costs, and profitability are some of the factors to consider. If need be, you can leverage conventional cooperative models and 3rd party investments to make the business model more goal-oriented and sustainable.

Deploy the right technology

The fate of your Compressed Biogas project is also determined by your choice of AD technology. To choose the right technology, you should consider the feedstock type and amount. One size doesn’t fit all and the same goes for the AD technology. You need careful and detailed analysis to pick the most appropriate AD technology and here are some of the factors you may want to consider- manure collection methods, conversion efficiency goals, bedding mass and type, the climate surrounding the digester, manure type, and co-digester feedstock among others.

Determine the best ways to monetize biogas

Carbon dioxide scrubber manufacturers and suppliers in India say that the planning stage must also include finding the best ways to monetize biogas. Apart from, of course taking market availability, capital investment, and operational costs; you may want to bear in mind the on-site use and off-site sale of thermal and electrical energy. Besides, speaking of compressed natural gas or liquefied gas that’s used as a transportation fuel and a plethora of other applications, you will be required to chalk out a perfect plan for off-site sales.

Hire an experienced team

Last but not least! The quality of talent onboard is also a project-critical aspect that determines the success of your AD project. Have engineers with a sound experience in the development of anaerobic digesters or biogas systems.

Besides, having the right technology partners, project developers, operators, and investors by your side makes the whole project development process a cinch.

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