Biogas Purification

Biogas Storage & Upgradation

Biogas can be generated from various sources such as an effluent treatment plant, a biogas digester, biogas lagoons, etc. The biogas can then be burned to produce heat for captive consumption. However, the raw gas still has a lot of untapped potential that can be tapped into through the process of biogas purification. Biogas purification opens up a wide range of avenues for the utilization of the gas. On this page we will discuss the typical process that takes place after biogas production.

Double membrane Biogas Balloons

Often times during the biogas production process, Biomethanation plants need to consider storage mediums for the generated biogas. Based on its experience AtmosPower understands that storing purified biogas can become an expensive proposition for its clients. Due to this dilemma, AtmosPower recommends its double membrane balloons, which are much more cost effective compared to traditional storage vessels/tanks. The double/single membrane balloons are manufactured using UPVC material procured from Germany in order to ensure the highest quality. The balloons can store biogas at pressures ranging from 50-150MMWC and are tested for high voltage and fire resistance. The biogas balloons are ideal for storage, especially for plants that are involved in biogas purification and biogas upgrading. The gas holding capacity for these balloons can range from 10 Nm3 -2000 Nm3 of Biogas making them the preferred choice of most biogas plants in India. In addition to the double membrane biogas balloons, AtmosPower also offers single membrane balloons.

Biogas Upgradation

After successful Biomethanation, the biogas generated has to be cleaned, dried and refined in order for it to have a varied commercial application. AtmosPower’s Biogas Purification systems, which can also be referred to as Biogas upgradation systems are known to be the most effective in the south east Asian market. After supplying +40 Biogas upgradation systems, AtmosPower has obtained the technical know-how and experience to work with all different types of organic waste. The biogas purification process can also help in power generation and an increased number of biogas plant power plants are utilizing biogas purification systems.

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