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The most popular method for generating biogas is through the anaerobic method of Biomethanation. The idea is to basically collect any type of organic waste and add it into a large enclosed container, also known as a bio reactor or a biogas digester. The organic matter is then broken down by bacteria, under anaerobic conditions, to produce biogas. The biogas generated is valuable as it contains a large amount of methane (CH4), which is the desired end product of this process. However, the biogas generated in the digester contains impurities that reduce the effectiveness of the biogas. In addition, the impurities also cause damage to the downstream equipment, which is obviously quite undesirable. Thus, the next step after the biogas production or Biomethanation is biogas purification. The biogas purification process is known via various names such as biogas cleaning, biogas upgradation, biogas upgrading, etc.

On this page, we will look at the various types of equipment that are part of the biogas plant and are necessary for biogas production. Most modern biogas plants in India are equipped with the following equipment:

Biogas Slurry Filling Screw Pump

Viscous fluids generated as part of the anaerobic process are tough to handle for regular pumps. To deal with this, AtmosPower offers a positive displacement pump that is low-maintenance and offers continuous operation for your biogas plant. A positive displacement pump helps move the Biogas slurry in the digester at a constant rate and is able to handle to viscosity of the Biogas liquid. In addition to the liquid, he pump can also deal with high dry matter content. As another added benefit, the reduced noise level of the pump keeps it a level apart from the standard pumps. All these qualities make AtmosPower’s positive displacement pump the industry standard for all Biogas companies in India.

Solid Liquid Separator

Once the biomass has been processed in the digester, a solid liquid separator helps divide the material into solid and liquid mediums. AtmosPower offers a horizontal solid liquid separator as a part of its biogas plant package. The horizontal solid liquid separator works compressing the material and making use of gravity to separate the liquid portion from the solid portion. The solid portion, which is basically natural fertilizer and has ready takers in the fertilizer and farming market. Often times this abundant by product servers as an equal source of revenue for Biomethanation plants. Atmospower also offers fertilizer by back contracts for all its biogas plants in India.


Often times the biomass needs to be crushed/shredded into smaller substrate before adding it into the biogas digester. Reducing the size of the biomass, helps makes the anaerobic process more efficient and allows for smoother operation of the biogas plant. Most biogas plants in India and abroad have a mandatory requirement for the shredder as it reduces amount of breakdowns in the digesters and allows for continuous operation without any major hurdles.

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