Biogas Bottling and Selling

Biogas Compression & Sale

­­­After biogas production and biogas purification, the purified gas is usually connected to pipelines in the form of piped natural gas (PNG) or compressed at high pressure into cylinders for transport and commercial sale. This page will discuss the basic equipment that is required after the biogas purification process.

Booster Compressor

Biogas purification opens up many avenues for biogas plant owners in terms of revenue generation. Once the biogas is cleaned using biogas upgrading technology, it can be pumped to boilers for captive consumption. In addition, the additional gas can be compressed at high pressure at filled into standard CNG cylinders. The CNG cylinders can be sold commercially to the nearby industries, hotels, restaurants, colleges, etc. The upgraded gas can basically replace any CNG/LPG requirement and is thus a viable source of green fuel. In addition, the upgraded gas can also be used as vehicle fuel in CNG powered vehicles. Many Biogas plants in India have started considering the possibility of installing their very own vehicle filling station for conveniently selling their produced biogas.

Vehicle Gas Dispenser

Apart from selling the gas in the form of PNG and CNG to industries, hotels, restaurants, etc. The gas can also be sold by using vehicle gas dispensers. AtmosPower’s biogas upgradation system can purify the gas up to a level that makes it permissible for the producer to sell it in the form of Bio-CNG at gas stations. The Bio-CNG can act as a replacement to the traditional CNG that is filled into standard CNG powered vehicles.

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