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Atmos Power - The Company

Atmos Power is India’s leading gas plant manufacturing company. At Atmos Power we guarantee superior designs, high quality engineering coupled with efficient commissioning followed by service for all our gas plants. The full breadth of product range from Atmos Power in India includes: bio gas purification and bottling plant, nitrogen gas generation plants, oxygen gas generation plants, hydrogen gas generation plants as well as air and gas dryers. Products offered by Atmos Power are known for their low maintenance, extended durability and corrosion resistance. All our products are available in sizes and specifications to suit your requirements.

Atmos Power Biogas Division

Out of the many Biogas Companies In India, Atmos distinguishes itself as a one-stop service provider offering complete solutions to your needs when it comes to Bio Gas Purification And Bottling Plant In India. We manufacture customised integrated bio gas plants in India to meet your needs. Atmos specialises in the setup and running of bio gas purification plant, bio gas to bio-CNG conversion plant, Biogas Bottling Plant and bio gas distribution. There are different types of Bio Gas Upgradation System based on vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) technology, low pressure swing adsorption (LPSA) technology and medium pressure swing adsorption (MPSA) technology. We are pioneers in providing medium pressure swing adsoption MPSA technology based bio gas purification plants in India. The technology used here is as follows:

  • LPSA Technology Base Bio Purification Plant
  • MPSA Technology Biogas Purification Plant
  • VPSA Technology Base Bio Gas Purification Plant

This Bio Gas Enrichment Plant /System is so efficient in acting as your bio gas to bio-CNG conversion plant that one day it would allow you to market “Bio-CNG India” as a brand in the global market.

Atmos Power is a leading company in the business of providing products and services for bio gas plants in India. Atmos Power’s bio gas purification division is here to cater to all your needs for setting up of a Bio Gas Purification Plant/Unit. The level of efficiency afforded by our processes transform your plant that purifies Bio Gas To Bio CNG Plant. Our whole range of services includes those for starting and smooth running of your Bio Gas Bottling Plant In India as well.

  • Our products conform to international standards
  • At Atmos Power we adhere to ISO certified methods and processes for all our design and manufacturing processes
  • We supply all requisite auxiliaries (piping and fittings) for the plant
  • We provide training to your personnel not only at the erection & commissioning stages but also for the operation of the plant
  • We offer installation, inspection, testing, erection & commissioning of your bio gas purification as well as Biogas Plant In India at your site
  • Our pricing structures are highly competitive to ensure your satisfaction with both cost and quality
  • We ensure excellent customer support services for the smooth running of your plant. We continue to successfully install and run many bio gas purification and bottling plant in India with satisfied customers to vouch for
  • Comparison of carbon footprint of a plant purifying and bottling Bio Gas To CNG Plant will show that our bio gas plant is more environmentally sustainable

The business of bio gas purification and Biogas Bottling In India is set to become important with the increasing crisis for fuel. We are at the forefront in terms of experience and expertise.

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