Welcome to Atmospower’s Biogas Division
Atmos Power Is The Only Company In India That Provides Advanced M.P.S.A Technology

Atmos Power is the market specialist in the Biogas purification process and manufacturing of Biogas purification plants. Due to our constant research and development, Atmos Power is the only company in India that provides MPSA technology using its very own proprietary energizer.

Biogas Purification
Biogas Purification

We provide complete solutions for Biogas purification into Bio-CNG along with Bottling services.

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BioCng Compression
BioCng Compression

We manufacture custom built gas plants based on the needs and requirements of its customers.

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Biogas Bottling
Biogas Bottling

Atmos Power follows the ISO coding system for all its design and manufacturing processes.

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International Standards
International Standards

The large variety of gas plants offered by Atmos Power includes: Biogas Purification & Bottling Plant.

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Biogas Purification Equipment

Biogas Storage
Air Receiver
Biogas Purifier
Containerized Systems

Why Bio-CNG?

  • CNG is the cheapest, cleanest and least environmentally impacting alternative fuel
  • Vehicles Powered by CNG produce less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions
  • It is less expensive than Petrol and Diesel
  • CNG is less dangerous than other types of fuels, which have higher combustibility
  • CNG produces less pollutants, is cheaper and cleaner compared to LPG
  • CNG has a higher octane rating thus, its thermal efficiency is high
  • It considered a green fuel because does not release lead or sulfur into the Atmospower

Our Satisfied Customers

  • Atmos Power provided us with a M.P.S.A Biogas purification and bottling plant, which was commissioned on March 2013. We are extremely thankful to Atmos Power for providing us with very good service and support. In future when we expand, we will look to Atmos Power to fulfill our requirements.


    Lakshmi Kant Agrawal, More Info

  • Atmos Power has installed a M.P.S.A (Minor Pressure Swing Absorption) Technology based biogas purification and bottling plant of 350m3/hr. capacity. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of Atmospower as it has considered all our needs and made sure to satisfy them. Atmospower provides great after sales service.


    BRAJDHAM Power , More Info

  • Atmos Power’s team gave us the best guidance and provided us with a high quality Biogas Purification and Bottling Plant, which has a capacity of 100m3/hr. We also greatly appreciate the technical input and data they provided as per our requirements. We have also been provided with after sales service whenever required.


    Maltose Agri Products, More Info

  • Atmos Power provided us with a 50m3/hr. Biogas Purification and Bottling Plant using their proprietary M.P.S.A technology. We had to comment that we are extremely pleased by the product we have received and all the services along with it. They provided us with all the details from foundation to commissioning.


    Milestone Infrastructure , More Info

The Biogas Division Of Atmos Power

AtmosPower is India’s Leading Biogas Purification (Upgradation) Plant manufacturer. We provide everything you need from the most cost effective equipment to expert consulting and training in order to set up your very own Biogas Upgradation plant. The term purification is used interchangeably with the term Upgradation in the Indian market. We at AtmosPower understand the importance of all the stages of the upgrading process, which is why we focus on every stage starting from Raw Biogas collection, Biogas cleaning, Biogas drying, Biogas purification, Biogas compression and finally Biogas Bottling.

AtmosPower is recognized as the most successful Biogas Purification Plant manufacturer with more than 30 Biogas Bottling Plants in India. We offer consulting, inspection, testing, erection & commissioning of the entire Biogas Upgradation system at your Biogas producing site.

All of AtmosPower’s Biogas Upgrading systems are custom built based on the precise upgrading requirements provided by our clients, with flow rates ranging from 20Nm3/hour to 2000Nm3/hour. The purity of the biogas can also be tweaked based on the end use of the Biomethane, thus ensuring that our clients get the exact product that they desire.

Gas Purification

There are different types of Biogas Upgradation Systems based on vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) technology. After a decade of research and development, AtmosPower has successfully managed to engineer a medium pressure swing adsorption technology to reduce the energy requirement of its Biogas Purification systems. AtmosPower is the pioneer and sole provider of biogas purification plants based on its medium pressure swing adsorption (MPSA) technology.

The Biogas Upgrading System is extremely efficient in acting as your very own biogas to Biomethane conversion plant. Our pricing structures are highly competitive to ensure our client’s satisfaction with both cost and quality. We provide excellent customer support services for running your Biogas purification plant at optimal efficiency. We continue to successfully install and run many of our Biogas Purification systems and biogas bottling plants in India, with satisfied customers to vouch for our credibility. With our years of experience and expertise, AtmosPower has carved a niche for itself and become a formidable player in the biogas purification and biogas bottling process.

You are in trusted hands at Atmos Power as far as your biogas purification and bottling needs go. Our technology will transform your old biogas plant by upgrading the biogas to Bio-CNG (Biomethane) with ready takers in the market. The level of purification achieved using our systems allows you to almost interchangeably use the term CNG for your product. The Bio-CNG produced using our Biogas purification systems can also be used in place of traditional LPG. With purification clients all over India, our upgrading process has proven its efficiency multiple times. We enable you to market the much sought after fuel of the future – Bio-CNG, by installing high quality Biogas Plants In India.

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